Casco Contractors, Inc. is committed to building it better. With more than 15 years in business, we know the best way to succeed is through the sequential accomplishment of clearly defined tasks.  Our objective is to provide the client with an understanding of each task relative to the overall scope of work. Casco Design Studio has established and implemented a series of standards and procedures designed to simplify the Design + Planning process, ensuring your project’s success and honoring our commitment.

The Architect or Designer will consult with the client to ascertain the applicable requirements of the project. The requirements will be documented and reviewed by the design team for feasibility and code compliance. In this stage, the client will address requirements such as number of offices, break room/kitchen, restroom requirements, open office requirements, etc.

Once the programming phase is complete and the project design requirements are clearly defined, a pricing plan will be generated showing space allocation and utilization indicating partition locations, large equipment space designations, and rough furniture layouts (if applicable).

A Preliminary Pricing Plan is then developed with all the integral construction and finish notes. This plan will be distributed to all parties involved (including the General Contractor, Subcontractors, Owner, Tenant, and Project Managers). It is important that the Preliminary Pricing Plan is thoroughly reviewed by the tenant with the design team since budgetary pricing will be generated from this plan.

Once the Preliminary Pricing Plan is reviewed by the Tenant with the design team, the Tenant will then sign off on the pricing plan.

The General Contractor will provide budgetary pricing generated from the Preliminary Pricing Plan.

Modifications / changes / revisions to scope of work after approval of preliminary pricing and pricing plans which are incorporated into the construction documents.

The client shall provide Casco Design Studio with a release memo stating the date that Casco will be released on the Constuction Documents. This will help with the estimated date to submit to engineering and estimated date of plan check.

Construction Documents are drawn once a Preliminary Pricing Plan is approved and accepted from the client. Drawings are first reviewed by the Project Manager for accuracy, and then sent out to the Engineers on the project (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, etc.). Once engineering drawings are returned, they are packaged for permit submittal with the architectural set and sent to the city Building Department, Client, Property Owner, Project Manager, and General Contractor. Any discrepancies in the drawings and the understood scope of the project are addressed before construction commences.

When Construction Documents are finished, the General Contractor will then send the finalized set of Construction Documents to the subcontractors for final pricing. The General Contractor will then collect final pricing from the subcontractors and send final pricing to the Owner.

When the Construction Documents are completed and submitted to the City for Permit, the Owner and Tenant will receive copies of the Construction Documents which they will sign off on at this time.

The Architect or Designer on the project will submit for all necessary permits on the project, address any plan check corrections, and notify all parties of any design changes which may be required by the Building Department (such changes may require pricing revisions). Additionally, the Architect or Designer will attend construction meetings throughout the construction phase of the project. Progress, Field Issues, and Scope Changes will be documented and distributed through Meeting Minutes after each meeting.